One-off Consultation

How a consultation can help

Moved house and can’t make sense of the garden? Lived with your garden for many years and now realise some things need to change?  Planning a garden party: need a plan of interventions to create a special place to celebrate?

My approach guides you through a mini design process, distilling our ideas. The result? A creative yet practical & bespoke response.

Over the past couple of years, my unique One-off Consultation service have been personally developed in response to the types of questions asked.  Recognising that homeowners often wish to modify their garden as opposed to making a complete transformation, here is the opportunity to help – using my garden design skills, horticulture knowledge and expertise.

The One-off Consultation is so called as it’s primary aim is to be a ‘standalone’ service which will empower the homeowner to make progress with their garden on their own.  However, from time to time it has been used as a ‘springboard’ for additional services such as Garden Inspirations or Flash Planting Design.

Listed below are examples when this service has helped clients in a variety of ways:

Having a house extension – and its impact before or after the build

Planning / designing your garden yourself – but don’t know where to start or perhaps in need of a focus & vision

Privacy issues – Planting hedges, trees…

Planning a garden party – you’d like some wow factor – what to keep/what to change?

Your garden lacks shape and structure – plants have grown out of control … “can’t see the wood for the trees“? 

Need help identifying plants – which should stay or be moved? 

Design ideas – including dealing with levels, structural planting for screening and privacy

Landscape contractors on site – Help! Building the garden is in progress and you don’t know how to resolve an issue that’s cropped up eg levels, planting, walls etc.

You may wish to carry out improvements over time to suit your budget and timescales.   I can help you to prioritise work in phases according to practicalities and seasonal needs of the plants.

I can also put you in touch with recommended contacts from my network which I have developed over a number of years.

How much does it cost?

2.5 hours is normally allowed for this service and fees start at £165 within a 10 mile radius of Ilkley. Should the meeting turn out to be shorter, a pro-rata fee will be charged.

For visits outside this area, travel expenses are taken into account, please enquire.

What’s involved?

You will receive some information by email prior to our meeting so you have the option to do a little preparation beforehand.

I have personally developed this service as a structured session, so that I can offer you the best advice I possibly can in the time available.  However, there is flexibility and the session can vary from one client to another.

Summary notes with images are discussed at the end of the meeting and you receive an electronic copy to refer to at your leisure.

Regular promotions are offered from time to time throughout the year and these can be found on my social media eg Facebook and Instagram.

Garden Experience Vouchers are also available – you can purchase a voucher for a One off consultation as a gift.

Booking your consultation

During peak season, bookings are sometimes made up to 6 weeks in advance, so it’s worth getting in touch as soon as possible.

Contact me for further information and/or you wish to schedule a meeting.